Found Typography Ideas

For my first assignment, I have been asked to create an alphabet of found typography. This will involve taking photographs of objects in my environment that look like letters and creating a kind of font out of them. I have been coming up with different ideas for themes and styles that I can incorporate into my work, and so far I have come up with 3 main themes that I think I might be able to use.

The first theme that I came up with was ‘autumn’. This would be a seasonal font that consists only of objects and colours related to the season. Examples of things that could be used are fallen leaves, scarves (and other items of clothing) that can be folded into the shapes of letters, and also plants and trees.

The second theme I came up with was ‘grunge and decay’. This theme would consist only of things that look old and decayed, like rusted metal or bits of old wood. It would focus mostly on the shape, colour, and texture of objects that are found in the environment. The kind of objects I can use are old gates/fences, old cars and scrap metals, and ruined-looking buildings and architecture.

The final idea I came up with was a ‘Horror/Gothic’ style. This would involve utilising black and white effects, sepia tones, and different light settings, in order to create the effect of an eerie, gothic atmosphere. I could photograph old churches or ask for permission to look in graveyards and abandoned buildings to find suitable images.


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