Development and Realisation Intro

For the introduction to the Development and Realisation unit, we were given our first task, which involves creating a poster that visually communicates text and data. The list of subjects to base our posters on were:

–       Where have you been and when?

–       What is your social network?

–       How many documented meteor impacts have there been?

–       Who lives the longest?

–       What is the fattest country?

–       Where do different genders shop online?

–       Who knows each other and how in Star Wars?

–       What type of music is most popular?

–       Who has the largest carbon footprint?

–       How does the hydrological cycle work?

Out of all of the briefs on the list, the one that most interested me was the ‘Who knows each other and how in Star Wars?’ task. This appealed to me because I am a big fan of the franchise and would find it an interesting challenge to try and find a way represent such a complex universe in a way that was easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.


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