Practise Session: Tracing Luke Skywalker


Luke Photoshop

The first thing I did in this session was import the image of Luke Skywalker onto Photoshop, remove the background using the magic wand tool, and modify the exposure and brightness settings. After that, I posterised the image and used the ‘cutout’ effect to simplify and stylise the image, ready to export onto Illustrator. After loading the image into Illustrator, I begun tracing the outlines using the pen tool, and different layers for each section (base colour, boots, belt, lightsaber, etc.)


Luke Illustrator 1

Luke Illustrator 2 Luke Illustrator 3

Although there is still some more work to do, I am reasonably pleased with progress I have made. This session was much more successful than my first attempt, and I am continuing to make progress and develop the skills I will need to develop my final poster. The next thing I am planning to do before I work on any more Illustrator, is to create some concept sketches and do some research on the information I am intending to include in my final design.


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