Final Poster Design

Townend Bradley – A2 poster

Here is my final poster design. The original idea was to create a design which is simplistic, bold, and easy to recognise, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Although I feel as though I have achieved most of these things in the final design, I do not feel as though I have managed it as well as I had hoped.

The thing that puts me off the most is the simplicity of the background compared to the characters. The colour scheme is quite basic, with just black and white, and the layout of the characters makes it look too empty and dull. Also, although I am pleased with how the characters themselves look, the scaling and position of them does not do much to highlight this. I feel as though, for the detail and colouring to actually work, the characters would have to take up most of the screen, however, this would not fit the brief as well, seeing as it would not clearly represent the relationships of the characters.

If I were to re-do this, I would try to think of a more simplistic way of representing the characters, rather than doing detailed head portraits. I would also try and make the information represented on the poster more complicated, perhaps showing the family tree of certain characters, or go more in depth with the hierarchy of the characters. I would also try to include more colour, particularly in the background, and perhaps some text to help convey the information I am trying to present.


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